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The Geisha Experience(芸者体験)

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The Geisha Experience(芸者体験)

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The Geisha Experience with “Japan Awaits” is a dinner event for a small group of about 10 people
that is most representative of what a traditional ozashiki (gatherings and parties with geisha) is like.

The dinner event will feature two certified geisha (also known as geiko in Tokyo) from the hanamachi (geisha district) of Mukoujima.

The exclusive event will include entertainment with dance, music,
and real conversations with geisha (English interpreters will be present) for a more enriching experience.

Availability: Thursday and Saturday evenings (other days may be available)

Price: ¥28,000 per person


  • Kaiseki Dinner (multi-course traditional Japanese meal)
  • Authentic geisha performance and entertainment
  • English interpreter
  • Free souvenirs
  • Photo opportunities and more

Booking Request: Japan Awaits’s Web Site

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